Nicolette shares her insights and research on socio-economic development in an easy and practical manner through a range of key-note presentations and strategy workshops.


What are you causing?

“Every action in the universe has a reaction.  Everything you do, every decision you take has a reaction, which means that it is causing something.  Good or bad, we are all contributing to the way our society functions.” Nicolette Booyens

Nicolette’ss presentations and programmes are aimed at informing, orientating, training and supporting stakeholders in the socio-economic development sector. With a conversational speaking style, Nicolette combines well-researched facts and extensive experience with multi-media presentations, offering exciting and educational talks, workshops and strategy sessions. Presentations are ideal for sector conferences, socially aligned corporate events, NPO programmes and strategy development workshops.


What clients say


“The impact of her work amongst the adult learners she has worked with has been exponential – demonstrations of major shifts in approach to problems solving, understanding challenges and finding workable solutions which is demonstrated in the growth of their businesses time and again.”  Damon Rice, CDI

“The value and quality of her training material is great for our programme and has great impact on our students.”  Siphokazi Kwakweni, PYDA, Programme Manager


Trade, not aid


For CSI and NPO leaders and donors

This key-note lobbies the merit of enterprise development programmes as a catalyst for local economic growth. Overarching social enterprises are discussed as vehicles to attract investment and perform central marketing services. Market access is a prime reason why many emerging enterprises do not become sustainable. Development programmes should offer entrepreneurs trade opportunities, not aid. An in-depth look is offered on strategies that are useful to NPO management teams, thought-leaders, and supporters.



For Corporate employees and all South African citizens

This presentation offers a check-up on our social status and an introduction of new ways to shape our everyday actions to be more sustainable and collective. Gaining an understanding of what our actions say about us and cause in the world, enables us to be more aware of the people around us. The concept of collective relevance is introduced and a commentary is given on the role we all play in the restitution and transformation of our country.

Transformation Agenda


NPO Leaders, development practitioners, trainers and project managers

The Transformation Agenda explains the principles that Nicolette holds on socio-economic development in South Africa. It includes her objectives and a commentary on the dominant Western paradigm and how it relates to colonialism and the formation of our economy. A view on the formation of local economies in Townships and impoverished areas is introduced and the collective nature of South Africans are brought into context. The Transformation Agenda gives an insight into local economic development methods and offers strategies and case-studies in support of the content.



For emerging and social entrepreneurs, financial freedom seekers and youth.

This talk is inspirational and fun, offering a lot of participation opportunities. LiveNow lobbies the concept of financial freedom, and how to recognize opportunities. It also examines work ethic, lifestyle, and social values. The concept of ‘living in the now’ and being able to choose your future is embedded.  Self-awareness and actualization are discussed and participants are encouraged to take full responsibility for themselves. Finally, discipline, diet, and self-care are touched on in an overall informative motivational talk for people between 17 and 35 years old.