Our Clients


Type:  Non-profit and social enterprise

Services: Consulting, training and social enterprise development

“Nicolette has excellent people skills, she is intuitive and empathetic and able to assess individual’s capabilities and development needs quickly and accurately. She is able to adapt her style effectively to meet the needs of individuals from different cultures and academic backgrounds.  She practises a step-by-step approach to training that encourages and motivates. Nicolette developed a series of process-driven templates for my organisation that enabled individual staff members to map progress and track goals by breaking down tasks into manageable chunks. The training materials she provided were accessible and relevant to my business.  Nicolette has great passion for people. She has dedicated much of her professional life to developing individuals from less-advantaged circumstances, challenging norms and changing lives by fostering ambition, encouraging entrepreneurship and a ‘winning’ attitude.” 

Elizabeth Brown, Founder and Director, MADaboutART


Wellness Foundation and DeltaXperience

Type:  Non-profit

Service:  Strategic consulting, training, social enterprise development and implementation for non-profit 

“We contracted Nicolette’s  to support Wellness Foundation in transitioning from a not for profit organisation into a social enterprise/NPO hybrid. She delivered consistently and with integrity. To this end she also co-ordinated the development of a curriculum to train unemployed community care workers to start enterprisesI have collaborated with her over the last 5 years and I seen how she has refined her approach and understanding and understanding of adult learning and education. She is now accompanying our social enterprise TouchXperience to develop the economic wellbeing of poor, black women who want to start their own enterprises.” 

BerniceRoeland, Wellness Foundation and DeltaXperience

Stellenbosch Wine Routes – SWR

Type:  Non-profit

Service:  Organisational development consulting and CSI projects  

“Nicolette is passionate, efficient and committed, as well as an excellent communicator, facilitator and trainer. Working with Nicolette has proved to the insightful and inspirational as we share a common vision for social innovation and development. We found that she understood our needs and helped us develop HR best practices while implementing the right structures from the start to accommodate future growth and organizational development. We would not hesitate recommending Nicolette (or Cause) for development, training and HR projects.”

Elmarie Rabe, Manager

SEED South Africa

Type:  Non-profit

Service:  Strategic management, organisational development, and development of social enterprise

“I can recommend Nicolette Booyens as somebody you can rely on, can trust and follow as leader. She has a wealth of experience in the NGO sector and I recommend her in any capacity people may want to use her.” Merwe, SEED Chairperson

The Craft and Design Institute – CDI

Type: Non-profit

Service: Material development, facilitation and mentoring 

“Nicolette has provided both facilitation, coaching services, mentoring and materials development to the CDI.  She is an exceptionally talented facilitator. She places the learner at the centre of the learning journey and facilitates their process of learning ensuring that it meets their stage of development and needs.  She is an excellent coach and mentor –  non-judgmental, encouraging and able to share her experience and knowledge without being prescriptive. The relationships she developed with clients and workshop participants speak for themselves – I only ever received high praise for the support guidance and encouragement she provided – as well as evidence of remarkable growth of the clients. Nicoletts training materials are clear and practical – she bases her materials on both theory and practice with an emphasis on action learning and doing.  Nicolette’s work in the field has a significant contribution to make to the knowledge resources in the area of Adult Education”. 

Damon Rice, CDI


The Craft and Design Institute

Type:  Non-profit

Service:  Training services and material development for youth development academy

“Nicolette has been working with us for some time now and that means she has great skills in working with our students which is one of the reasons we keep working with her.  The students find her workshop very valuable and so do we. The value and quality of her training material fits very well into our programme and has a great impact on our students. Nicolette has a passion for Adult Education and Youth Development.   Our Academy continues to benefit from her growth and we value facilitators and adult educators with her kind of skills.”

Siphokazi Kwakweni, PYDA, Programme Manager

ORMS Cape Town School of Photography

Type:  Tertiary Education College 

Service:  Training programme and material development and services

“Nicolette developed and presented the ‘Business Development’ module of both our 6 Month Programme and the Full Time Programme at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography. The programme is comprehensive and covers the essential business skills and tools an entrepreneur such as a photographer need to have.  Our students range in age from school leavers to middle aged adults, and she is well received throughout.  Nicolette shows great skill in presenting this topic and is an excellent lecturer. Her insight in terms of development is great.” 

Frank Krummacher, Cape Town School of Photography