Together with a team of professional practitioners at Cause Training, Nicolette offers a range of 8 business developemnt workshops to ermerging and social entrepreneurs.

Getting people financially activated


Nicolette works with a team of professional trainers offering a range of workshops for social and emerging entrepreneurs. Cause has been offering training in the sector since 2008 and developed a transformative learning method that underpins all our workshops.   Our training material is well developed and focuses on growing income streams in SMEs and social enterprises. Our objective is to get participants financially activated.

Cause training

Our enterprise development workshops strongly focus on income generation skills that activate enterprises. Training topics include sales and marketing, leadership and financial management. Our workshops are ideal for emerging or social entrepreneurs that wish to grow or start an enterprise.

Cause Facilitator programme

We offer a Cause*Way facilitator development programme, where our learning materials and methods are implemented in organisations and their own trainers are capacitated to present the Cause*Way material. For more information.

Business Vision

We help entrepreneurs to gain a broader understanding of economics and the potential there is to create income through independent commercial activity. The concept of entrepreneurialism is refreshed and participants are supported in creating a business and personal vision for their financial activation.


Participants are instructed and assisted through the process of doing a feasibility study on their business or planned enterprise.  This helps to create a financial reality and enable resource planning and risk mitigation. The concept of sustainability is established and developed.


Marketing is made practical through the Cause Marketing Toolkit that includes a variety of resources to enable effective marketing management in SMEs.  Participants are supported in writing a basic marketing plan that outlines their product, price, target market, online and promotional activities.


This workshop defines selling as the most important component of a growing business. Sales techniques are overviewed and the participants are given the resources and skills to establish a sales process. Role-play is done to equip the entrepreneurs to be able to present their product or service professionally.


A long-term view on financial management and sustainability is covered in this workshop. Financial planning, management and investments are explored and practical advice and resources are shared. The aim of this workshop is to offer participants a realistic view building wealth.


This workshop focusses on implementation skills such as planning, scheduling, time management and service ethics. The aim is to create continuity between planning and implementation and to ensure efficient business management.


Principles such as confidence, discipline and assertive communication are covered in his workshop.  Strategic vision and planning is overviewed.  Practical leadership skills and resources are shared.


Focussed on digital media development this workshop orientates participants on how to approach social media, website development, and bulk online communication.  Elements such as creativity, copywriting and promotion is covered.  This workshop is ideal for people that are computer literate.