We all want to be free …


Nicolette is the founder of the Cause Economic Development Agency and has done extensive training and consulting work in the area of economic, human and societal development.

Her mission is to support leaders who help people to reach financial freedom. She does this through both enterprise development and local economic development.
Her passion is to alleviate poverty so that all South Africans can finally be free.

She partners with the (Stellenbosch Entrepreneur and Enterprise Development (SEED) nonprofit trust in delivering projects and doing research on local economic development. Stellenbosch is one of the areas in the country with the highest disparity between the rich and the poor, but also houses one of the best universities in the country, making it an ideal location for research.

Her objective is to find new ways to influence communities to become more sustainable, and to lobby the support of local municipalities, non-profits and civil society, donors, and socially active citizens in this cause. She has implemented her strategies in a range of client organisations since 2008.

Nicolette has advised and trained leaders, employees and entrepreneurs based on her Cause*Way development method.  This programme consists of an extensive range of training material, some of which are published in the Creative Business Development Guide.

Nicolette shares her insights through a range of presentations and programmes aimed at Corporate CSI and Non-Profit leaders, emerging and social entrepreneurs, as well as freedom and relevance seekers. Her work is aimed to equip and ingetrate communities in a rapidly changing society.

What Nicolette does

Services are explained in detail in the various sections of this website. Do find a summary below:

Conference and event speaking for CSI and NPO leaders

Nicolette is an expert on socio-economic development and shares her experience and insight through a range of speaking topics ideal for conferences and strategy sessions. With a conversational speaking style, she combines well-researched facts and experience with multi-media presentations, offering practical solutions to the sector.

Workshops and strategy facilitation for sustainability leaders and practitioners

This service is ideal for management teams that need to plan and create strategies. Nicolette leads work groups to formulate and develop strategies in the field of socio-economic development and innovation.

NPO*Pro Organisational development programme for non-profit organisations and social enterprises

The NPO*Pro programme is a year-long organisational development programme for non-profit organisations that want to develop their organisation to be more dynamic and sustainable.

Training learners that are beneficiaries of NPO-based emerging and social entrepreneurs

Nicolette works with a team of professional trainers at the Cause Development Agency offering a range of workshops and interventions for social and emerging enterprises. Training is based on the Cause*Way method developed over the past decade, already successfully implemented in a number or organisations.

Training trainers and practitioners that offer enterprise or sustainability programmes to beneficiaries

This programme offers professional trainers and development practitioners unique access to Cause*Way training material and its methodology. Included in the programme is the supplying of learner notes, facilitator manuals and training resources.

Facilitators and development practitioners receive focussed face-to-face or online training to enable the effective application of the learning material and insight on managing an enterprise training programme.

What clients say


“Nicolette is highly focussed and, through her materials, provides a clear structure and framework for development. Overall I have the highest regard for Nicolette as an adult trainer and would not hesitate to recommend her as an expert in her field.”  Elizabeth Brown, Founder and Director

“Nicolette developed and presented the ‘Business Development’ module of both our 6 Month Programme and the Full Time Programme at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography. The programme is comprehensive and covers the essential business skills and tools an entrepreneur such as a photographer need to have. Frank Krummacher, Manager, Cape Town School of Photography

“The value and quality of her training material is great for our programme and has great impact on our students.”  Siphokazi Kwakweni, PYDA, Programme Manager

“Nicollette provided us with a major boost to take Bit by bit mosaic from surviving to thriving.  This step was pivitol to reaching our yearly income targets.”  Kerry Atherstone, Bit by Bit Mosaic

“I am sure that my business would be in a different place today if it wasn’t for Nicolette’s mentorship. She enabled me to push further and succeed with the many tools that she gave me.”  Mia Danieli, Mia Melange